1st class - lots of lockets

Lockets - moulding with clay + painting


 In my atelier I produced casts out of silicon. These were filled with plaster four times. The result were four copies of the original clay models which I painted white to make them ready for beeing painted by the children. During the second lesson in school, the kids were able to paint these lockets with their colours, irrespective of who created which locket. It was exciting to see, how differentially the children used colours to interpreted these relief models. It was also noticeable, that the use of colour and the use of modelling material brings out total different abibilities. One is more into colouring, the other tends to be into modelling process. The finished objects were coated with clear varnish, due to that the colours developed a beautiful luminosity.

6 classes 6 pictures 2004

Children's art in the primary school

Clay, silicon, plaster, paint, varnish